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Welcome to NY Nut Growers!

Our Purpose

The New York Nut Growers Association is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that promotes nut tree growing in New York state. Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of nut trees and to provide cultural information to assist in growing nut trees for crops and timber.

Current Events:

Of Note...

Due to concerns of public health in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, the NYNGA is canceling its April 18th program. If you already registered, you will receive a refund.


Cloning is the science/art of reproducing plants asexually (without using seeds). Grafting is one form of cloning that has been practiced for centuries to perpetuate woody food producing plants with desirable genetic characteristics such as good taste and high productivity. Grafting is a skill that is particularly valuable in the culture of nut trees. NYNGA Programs designed to identify and perpetuate trees that grow well, produce heavily, and have high quality edible nuts depend at some point on the participation of competent grafters. Beginning grafters have greater success with apple wood rather than nut wood... so...

Would you like to try your hand at this?

1. Familiarize yourself with some simple grafting procedures practiced by apple growers. Do this by reading and by observing on-line presentations...

2. Purchase a grafting cutting tool for your own use... on line or at local garden shops. A "box cutter" knife may suffice as an inexpensive tool ($5-$10)... but a true grafting knife with a flat side and single bevel cutting edge is better ($15-$60). We have a few knives to loan.

3. NYNGA will supply in one package a "kit" of 3 apple tree stock plants, 3+ pieces of scion wood (Honey Crisp and/or Tompkins County King cultivar), grafting tape, and printed directions for post-grafting care of your trees and directions for feed back to NYNGA as to your grafting success rate.

##### This material will be available for pick-up at the barn yard of BWW Farm, 8144 Searsburg Road, Trumansburg, 14886, between 9:00AM and 4:00PM , on April 18, 2020. Social distancing must be maintained. Park, but do not exit your car until verbally directed to your "kit". ######

To apply for this Home Grafting Kit complete the information below and send it by postal mail, e-mail , or phone to NYNGA Planner, John Wertis, at the pick-up address indicated above or to <bwwfarmtoday@aol.com>. Phone (607) 387-4331. NYNGA members will be given top priority and only 15 kits will be available. Kits will be free, courtesy of NYNGA. Your application will not be considered if received after 4/15/2020. You will be notified if your application has been accepted. One kit /applicant, please.


Name __________________________________________________Phone # _______________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

E-mail __________________________________NYNGA Member (check)... yes ( )... no ( )

I will need to borrow a knife (check)... yes ( )... no ( )

Black Walnut seedling trees and various stratified seed nuts may also be available for pick-up with your grafting kit. These items will be pre-packaged and identified for easy outdoor pick-up.


Instead of having an NYNGA program this summer, we encourage members to attend the Northern Nut Growers Association Conference at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, from August 9 - 12.  Several NYNGA members will be giving papers there. This is the first time in nearly 20 years that the NNGA has held a conference so close to New York State, giving us an opportunity to interact with nut growing enthusiasts from across the United States and Canada.   The schedule and registration form will be posted on the NNGA web site, www.nutgrowing.org.


The fall NYNGA program will take place in Penn Yan, NY, in early October.  Sara Tyler, of Black Squirrel Farm,has offered to dehull your black walnuts.  More details as they become available.



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